The Mediation Practice

Dispute resolution requires the perspective of having been there before. Good mediators provide that perspective. With our decades of experience in business litigation and employment disputes, we provide highly qualified and effective mediation services.

Chris Vrountas, with over 30 years of experience litigating business and employment matters across the country, has successfully brought his substantial litigation experience to help parties reach resolution and avoid the risk and cost of litigation.  As outside general counsel to a number of longstanding clients, Chris sees legal disputes as much from the perspective of the client as from that of counsel. Litigation, whether successful or not, presents onerous expense as well as opportunity costs.  In the end, parties do not want to win wars. They want to solve their problems, and a mediator with broad litigation and business experience can provide the essential link to successful problem solving and settlement.

Chris has particularly strong experience helping litigants resolve employment matters. He brings the perspective of having represented clients in hundreds of cases before the EEOC and various state human rights commissions across New England, New York, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, and elsewhere, as well has having served as lead trial counsel in both state and federal courts.  Chris also serves as a volunteer mediator for the New Hampshire Commission for Human Rights.

Very often, there is a story behind the story to acknowledge on the way to resolution. Chris works with the parties in mediation to help them think beyond their legal positions and more about what they really need for their business or their personal lives so that they can see the workable solution for themselves. As Chris has litigated on behalf of both employees and businesses, he is well suited to helping parties see their dispute from opposite perspectives and find common ground based on that shared understanding.

Frequently, what is right is what actually works in a sustainable manner rather than what case law might say or what a jury may or may not find.  As Lincoln said, “Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. Point out to them how the nominal winner is often a real loser — in fees, expenses, and waste of time…”  The mediation services at Vrountas, Ayer & Chandler, P.C. can help neighbors, business people, employees, and parties to litigation reach that productive compromise.

Comments from people who have worked with Chris in his mediation practice:

“Great job mediating! We needed someone to break the echo chamber . . .”

“[Y]ou were one of the most effective mediators [the party] has ever worked with.”

“You continue to go above and beyond the call of service, I truly cannot thank you enough for your assistance.”