About the Firm

Law at Work.

We formed Vrountas, Ayer & Chandler, P.C. with a simple mission. Fundamentally, we are about the “law at work”. We make the law work for clients by understanding their problems and finding practical legal solutions for issues arising out of the workplace as well as the marketplace.

We offer a targeted range of services in the practice of employment and business law. We help businesses conduct crisis management and long-range strategic planning. We help develop policies, practices and procedures for the workplace, and we assist with investigations. We conduct litigation, trial and appeals when necessary to reach effective results.

You Lead. We Guide.

We understand the client knows its business better than the lawyers; we come in to guide clients through legal challenges they face to help them achieve their critical goals. That is why we say “you lead, we guide”. The phrase is meant to capture the essence of the lawyer client relationship. It emphasizes our respect for and commitment to the client’s goals and the necessary teamwork between lawyers and clients to reach those goals. It reflects the collaborative approach we take to giving legal advice that accounts for both the need to comply with law AND meet the client’s objectives.

Our litigation practice covers employment discrimination and civil rights matters of every kind, covenants not to compete and trade secret disputes, wage and hour claims and class actions, DOL audits, director and officer liability and fiduciary matters, government contracting disputes, intellectual property matters, commercial landlord/tenant disputes, complex and traumatic personal injury matters, insurance coverage disputes, mass torts, and construction disputes. We provide deeply experienced, widely knowledgeable, zealous and effective advocacy.

Our consulting practice guides clients to identify, avoid when appropriate, and address when necessary the critical legal issues that may arise in their industry. For example:

  • We serve as outside general counsel on a retainer basis for companies who want consistent legal guidance as part of their decision-making.
  • We also work on an hourly basis for those who need “just in time” guidance on critical matters.
  • We also work on a project basis with a budgeted fee for companies seeking a specific product or completion of a discrete task.

Ultimately, we do what works best for the client and serve in the capacity that suits the client’s needs.

Our Clients.

We serve business clients of every size and industry, including restaurants and hotels, government contractors, professional services firms, technology companies, staffing agencies, colleges and universities, private secondary schools, waste management companies, medical care facilities, veterinary practices, broadcasting companies and construction firms. We have in particular developed long-lasting relationships with many restaurant and lodging businesses across the country over decades of advocacy on their behalf, and we are proud to have guided them through trials and crises of all sorts to success on a consistent basis.