Practice Areas

Outside General Counsel (OGC)

Many businesses need regular legal advice about corporate operations, but they may be reluctant to hire full time general counsel. VAC can fill that need as outside general counsel, tailoring the cost and scope of those services to each particular business. We provide efficient access to consistent, comprehensive and tailored legal advice at affordable cost. … Read more

Employment Counseling and Litigation

The lawyers at Vrountas, Ayer & Chandler are among the most experienced employment lawyers in New England. We provide legal counseling and litigation services covering the full range of issues that concern the employer/employee relationship. We make the law work for you, whether you seek counsel as part of running your business or whether you … Read more

Commercial Litigation

For our clients, litigation arises in the context of their business activity. There are times when conflict cannot be avoided. To paraphrase the adage concerning war and politics, “litigation is business by another means”. We keep your business in goals in sight when we represent you in litigation. Strategic and Efficient Litigation. We approach litigation … Read more