Happy Birthday Us!

August 1, 2016

Four years ago to this very day Vrountas, Ayer & Chandler, P.C. opened its doors. Thank you to our loyal clients and friends who have made these last 4 years possible, and hopefully many more to come.

Anniversaries are a time to reflect and to reassess who we are and why we exist. Many of you may have read our announcement the day we opened in which we provided our statement of values and purpose for this firm and its partners. It bears repeating on this anniversary as we continue to adhere to these values and purpose, which can be summarized in 4 words: Respect, Responsibility, Transparency and Teamwork.

Here’s an excerpt from our announcement which captures who we are and why:
“Why a new firm? Because the partners at Vrountas, Ayer & Chandler, P.C. will reemphasize the values that initially brought them together years ago, transparency and teamwork. Business works through relationships, and relationships work on the foundation of respect and responsibility. That is true with clients, employees and business partners. Our new firm is founded on a pledge to each other and to you for full transparency and committed teamwork that can only succeed in the context of relationships founded on mutual respect and individual responsibility.

“You may have notice our firm’s tag line, “You lead. We guide.” The phrase is meant to capture the essence of the lawyer client relationship, and it emphasizes our respect for and commitment to your goals along with the teamwork between lawyers and clients to reach those goals.

Thank you again for your kindness and support throughout the years. We look forward to continuing our work with our clients and friends who have made this firm possible and to making new friends and clients along the way.


Vrountas, Ayer & Chandler, P.C.